ASG-Live Navigator

Protect Data Continuously & Transparently

Focus on What Really Matters: Restoring!

  • Autonomous End Users

    The end-user self-service restore enables you to search and restore in many ways, whether a right-click in the explorer, through a wizard, through Time Navigation and from anywhere via a browser. There is no need to bother the very busy IT teams.

  • Multilevel Deduplication

    Efficient source and target deduplication between workstations and file servers only sends new blocs of information to the backup server, optimizing storage and network resources.

  • High availability

    Through its multi-site hierarchical replication, ASG-Live Navigator combines high speed local restauration with centralized data protection. It results in an improved operational efficiency and reduced business risks.

  • Large support

    Secures data on the most popular laptops and workstations, running Windows, OS X, or Linux. Even file servers can be backed up with ASG-Live Navigator.

  • Files available everywhere

    Restore files from a lost or damaged laptop from any web browser in the world. The web restore makes it possible to retrieve a Powerpoint presentation minutes before going into an important meeting.

  • Shared infrastructure

    While ASG-Live Navigator offers the same useful time navigation interface as ASG-Time Navigator, it can also share the same infrastructure using the same deduplication mechanisms and storages.

Success Story: Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett

Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett created an ecosystem of advertisement-oriented Companies. Every day, they handle hundreds of graphical files located on many Windows and Mac OS X laptops.

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