ASG-Digital Archive

Archive Large Data Volumes

Long-Term Retention and Easy Retrieval

  • Optimizes the business workflow

    ASG-Digital Archive combines a flexible integration in business workflows with the most efficient data movement technologies to move data across a broad range of storage solutions. At the same time, it hides the complexity of a heterogeneous storage support.

  • Metadata and Open Formats

    Find assets easily with ASG-Digital Archive Metadata enrichment. Keep data for decades thanks to the open formats used: maintain the original folder structure of your data without a proprietary formatting on disk, and benefit from the widely used TAR and LTFS on tape. This makes it ideal for a long term retention archive.

  • Fast and Broad Storage Support

    As archiving needs to cope with both the budget and the performance needs, ASG-Digital Archive offers a broad choice of supported storage. The archive can be based on one or more storage technologies: disk, object storage, optical disk, tape, cloud… and any combination of these.

  • Prevent Vendor Lock-in

    ASG-Digital Archive supports disk, tape, object and cloud storage, making it easy to add or replace one storage with another in the archiving infrastructure. That gives you the ability to pick the storage that suits you best and make migration easy.

  • Performance and Scalability

    Because moving data needs to be quick for most workflows, ASG-Digital Archive scales to the point where the data movement can saturate the network and the I/O capacity of the storage. ASG-Digital Archive scales from hundreds of managed terabytes to hundreds of petabytes.

Success Story: National Film Board of Canada

Recognized worldwide for artistic excellence and innovation, the National Film Board of Canada protects some of the country's most cherished films using ASG.

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